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All About Scratch Games Online

They say dynamite comes in small packages. That old saying is a pretty accurate way of describing the best scratch games online. They are the leading software providers’ answer to the classic cardboard-and-foil cards that first appeared in the 1980s, and they are just the thing for players looking for effortless, intense bursts of action.

You do not need special skills or complicated skills to play them, and you do not need much time, either. They offer easy chances to win almost instantly, and they even manage to pack in a whole lot of fun. Here is where you will find what you need to know about the fantastic editions available at the top-quality casinos we recommend for players in Canada.

Classic Gaming, Modern Platform

The story of online scratch games begins in the 1970s. John Koza, a scientist working for Scientific Games Corporation, and Daniel Bower, a promotions specialist, were inspired to create symbol-matching games on cards with removable surfaces.

Whatever the results of their early experiments, it was not until 1987 that the first lottery scratch card was patented; the patent having been filed by Astro-Med, Inc. Made from cardboard, the cards were covered with a removable foil-like substance that turned out to be harmful to the environment. Later, the coating was replaced with something that would not contribute to the destruction of the planet.

This was just as well, because their popularity spread to countries around the world, where they remain firm favourites. In the mid-1990s, the casino industry’s first software providers used the basic principle behind the cards to create the first scratch games online. For the first time, Canadian players did not need to travel to a vendor, purchase a card, and scratch away the covering with the help of a coin, key, or fingernail. Instead, everything could be done on their computers at home, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

How They Work

If you have ever played a hardcopy card, you will find online scratch games unbelievably familiar. The basics are exactly the same, so you need to remove the covering hiding the symbols.

If you find 3 or more matching symbols, or symbols that match a specific prize symbol, you win. Rather than scratching the covering away, you can remove it in one of two ways. You can either click the individual blocks to reveal one symbol at a time, or you can select the Scratch or Reveal All option, which reveals all symbols simultaneously. If the symbols you uncover match those required, you will be paid out instantly. 

Enhanced By Bonus Features

You could go to the ends of the earth and back, and never find a hardcopy card with bonus features. You can, however, stay in the comfort of your own home, or use your mobile device wherever you are, to find scratch games online that do have them.

In some titles we recommend for Canadian players, the features are special symbols that award all possible prizes in one go. In others, the special elements include multipliers that increase payouts, and animated scenes that play whenever you win. Yet others may have advanced gameplay, so every time you win, it gives you a chance to reveal more images and bigger payouts.

Find the Best

If you want to find the best of the best online scratch games available in Canada, look no further than our recommendations. You can learn about various top titles before you play them, and you can find casinos that ensure players have a fantastic selection from which to choose.

Scratch games online offer you fair results produced by certified RNGs, secure banking services, and even brilliant bonuses. Enjoy the best gaming with our help.