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Online Casino VIP Programs

If you’ve spent any time at our recommended online casinos, you already know about the benefits of Loyalty Programs. Now we have something else to tell you about: VIP Programs. Sometimes, the usual Loyalty schemes at an establishment are simply given the name “VIP”. In these cases, the online casino VIP programs entitle you to the same privileges as a Loyalty system does. However, you’ll also often see that sites offer both Very Important Player and Loyalty schemes, and that’s what we are interested in here. When you register at such a casino online operators will automatically enrol you in the Loyalty Club. Then, when you’ve earned it, you’ll be given Very Important Player Status.

How Do I Become a VIP?

The exact path to membership depends on the online casino you are signed up with. Usually you are required to play for a certain amount of time or spend a specific amount of money. The requirements for membership are never how successful you have been. No matter how much money you have won or lost, if you are dedicated to your gaming you will qualify to enter online casino VIP programs. Once you’ve made the cut, you could be contacted by a representative and formally invited, or simply discreetly elevated to the higher status. Either way, when this happens you are in for a host of exclusive benefits and special treatments.

The Benefits of VIP Membership

So why would you want to become a VIP? For the perks, of course! There are plenty of benefits to becoming part of a site’s most valued group of players. You’ll enjoy faster cashout times, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, dedicated account managers, early previews of new games, and entry into elite draws, tournaments and events. As well as all of this, when they are offered this special status at a casino online players are able to accumulate Loyalty Points faster. The same activities will get you more credits, and you can often exchange them at a better rate too. Don’t forget the exclusive bonuses that you’ll get, just because you are a valued player! Often, you can also be entered into competitions to win all kinds of other goodies, such as luxury cars, jewellery and exotic holidays.

VIP Program Levels

Most online casino Loyalty schemes are divided into different tiers, and as you earn more points you go higher and activate more of the benefits. With VIP Clubs, this is less common; usually there is only one level. However, there can be a few, with ever-greater perks. You might not even know about them until you are invited to become a member! Once you’ve been lucky enough to join one of the programs available to players in Canada, you might have to work on maintaining your membership by continuing to spend the same amount of time and money at the site. If you have qualified for this status in the first place, this isn’t usually a problem! Some of the best operators do offer lifetime membership, meaning that once you have attained this status you retain it, even if you don’t play for awhile!

Should I Become an Online Casino VIP?

If you really love a site, are sure you will be depositing large amounts of money into your account, and that you can afford to do so, the answer is a resounding yes! However, remember that membership may take a lot of resources and you need to be sure it is worthwhile for you. Think carefully and try out as many of our recommended establishments as you can, before you decide where you would like to try for this Very Important Player status.