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Canadian Casinos Online Slot Machines Trends For 2021

Johnnie Rivera | 12 May 2021

Canadian Casinos Online Slot Machines Trends For 2021Much like the video gaming industry, the casino online Canada industry is also changing, and this year will bring a fair few new developments. The top online casinos are constantly trying to update their range of games in order to provide players with the latest and best cutting-edge offerings.

There are a number of trends that have already emerged in 2021 and there are certainly still more in the pipeline. Tech is advancing at a rapid pace, and the iGaming industry is reaping the rewards. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the biggest trends below.

More Virtual Reality

Last year truly saw the beginning of virtual reality (VR) playing a role in Canadian casinos online. This technology allowed sites to provide players with a greater level of immersion and interactivity. For slot machines, this could mean spinning the reels by pulling a virtual level or putting players on a real casino floor and giving them a choice of machines to play. While the technology is not yet too far developed, it is likely that fully modelled VR casino online Canada sites may soon be on offer to everyone.


Also in 2020, we began to see the true value of cryptocurrencies. When considering the popularity of a virtual currency like Bitcoin, it’s easy to see why Canadian casinos online would be eager to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. We are starting to see more online slot machines use cryptocurrencies, and the integration of these systems is expected to continue across the board. The fact that virtual currencies are not linked to state ones offers more flexibility to players and service providers alike.

Mobile Slots

It wasn’t all too long ago when slot machines were primarily intended for audiences playing on their desktop computers. Of course, in recent years, this has changed a great deal. Now, the main focus of just about every top online casino Canada is to offer players games that are optimised for mobile devices. In fact, in 2020, more than half of all traffic to online casinos came from mobile phones. It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest trends for iGaming in 2021 is offering slots that players can access quickly and easily from their mobile devices.

Gamified Slot Machines

Online slots can, at times, take on the appearance of classic video games. As a result of this, a lot of the best Canadian casinos online offer free slots that are designed specifically for casual gamblers. Essentially, what this does is create mini games that can played to pass time. This year has seen a rise in these options available online. Free fun is always a great drawcard, and it often leads to players spinning the reels for real money, making it an excellent promotional tool.

All in all, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for slots fan.