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Best Real Money Online Casino Canada For Sports Betting

Johnnie Rivera | 06 October 2021

Best Real Money Online Casino Canada For Sports BettingSingle event sports betting is rolling out across Canada, which means that residents in Quebec and all the other provinces are about to have a great deal more betting options available to them. We decided to take a look at what’s on offer and find out what makes the best real money online casino Canada sites that provide sports betting too.

Though, before we reveal our top choice, we thought we’d also explain what it was that we were looking for. There are, after all, many options, so it is important to understand what makes one real money online casino Canada-facing operator better than another. Also keep in mind that our research team is very familiar with iGaming, understands the industry, and is keenly aware of how it all works.

Reliability Above All Else

It is all good and well to focus on fancy visuals, impressive sounding bonuses, and slick UX design. Yes, these things are important, but there is something else that is far more significant. Namely, safety and reliability.

Quebec players should be very aware of where they are betting and be very conscious of whether the site is safe and secure. Only licensed casinos and sportsbooks should ever be considered, given that a license stands as testimony to the digital venue being run according to the law. Our team only ever visits licensed casinos, and Canadian residents would be wise to do the same.

Additionally, SSL encryption technology is also very important. The vast majority of online stores and banking apps use this security system for a reason – it provides an extra layer of safety and security that’s essential.

Choice Is King

When our team looks at a real money online casino Canada has to offer, the next thing they pay attention to is variety.

Sure, most Canadians are only interest in placing bets on a few sports, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be room for variety. As many sports and markets as possible should be covered, as well as all major events that occur around the world. It isn’t much good signing up with an online sportsbook, only to realise that an important event isn’t covered or that odds options are limited.

Plus, should a Canadian punter ever get an urge to branch out and explore the sporting landscape, they’ll be happy for the variety.

Bonuses Close The Deal

Yes, Canadian punters love a good deal, and we’re well aware of that. Our team looked at more than one real money online casino Canada site and were impressed by what they found. There are numerous promotional deals, some of which are so generous that they almost defy belief. But what the team learned is that although first deposit bonuses are the most appealing, the rewards shouldn’t stop just because a punter has created an account.

The promotions should be regular, keep rewarding the most loyal betting enthusiasts, and not ever stop coming. It is, after all, the most active punters that deserve the most rewards.

Based on all of the above, the best Quebec-facing sites combine casino games with a wealth of sports betting opportunities, are safe and secure, and backed by excellent promotions and reliable customer support.