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History of Gaming and Canadian Casinos Online

Johnnie Rivera | 07 July 2021

History of Gaming and Canadian Casinos OnlineAs the best Canadian casinos online prove, people love gambling. In fact, the earliest evidence found based around this pastime can be dated to roughly 2300 BC, the age of dice uncovered in Ancient China. Casinos online Canada offer a totally different experience these days, but dice are still a player favourite!

Canadian’s Have Always Loved Gambling

Explorations of Canada by Europeans started in the 10th century but really picked up after Jacques Cartier arrived in the 1500s. But there is evidence that the original inhabitants loved gambling too, thanks to tools being revealed for a game called Slahal.

Players are divided into two teams who swap sets of bones rapidly while members sing. When a song finishes, the teams have to try and guess where the original bones have ended up, and prizes range from goods through to money and services.

While the setting is markedly different, the same sentiment unfolds at Canadian casinos online on a daily basis nowadays!

Gambling Banned by European Settlers

As larger numbers of Europeans started arriving in Canada, new gambling games came with them. A particular favourite was Faro, a German card game that listed luminaries like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp as fans.

But the moral watchdogs soon had their way, and in 1892, the Canadian Criminal Code got enacted, outlawing gambling except for small events linked to charitable causes. Nothing like the Canadian casinos online regulations of today!

Canada Officially Permits Gambling

As is always the case, making gambling illegal did nothing to protect problem players, simply sending the activity underground, making it a rich picking for the Mob. It took many years, but in 1985 the Canadian authorities finally saw the light and started putting a legal framework into place to oversee gambling.

90s Casino Boom Popularizes Gambling

It took Canadians some time to get used to the idea of legal gambling and Winnipeg’s first gambling venue, Crystal Casino, only opened in 1990. We’ve come a long way since then and there are now more than a hundred casinos nationwide. Some offer card games, others slots, and still others Video Lottery Terminals, where players get a coupon that can be cashed in for funds.

New Tech Establishes Online Gambling

Thanks to the establishment of secure transactions online, internet gambling has become one of the biggest pastimes for Canadians since it started in 1994. Players can enjoy a world casino online Canada games on desktops, smartphones, or tablets 24/7.

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