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Why Online Casinos Canada Are Growing Rapidly

Johnnie Rivera | 24 February 2021

Why Online Casinos Canada Are Growing RapidlyOnline casinos are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and online casinos Canada are no exception. By a 2018 estimate the Global Online Gambling Market had a value of around $47.57 billion, which is already a staggering number. But fast forward into the future, 2025, and that number is expected to be around $94.37 billion. Impressive numbers to be sure, but the question being asked is; why has there been such incredible market growth, both in Canada and the world?

Reports have largely attributed the rapid growth of global and online casinos Canada to not only a rapidly evolving market, but also a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Smartphones are more popular than ever, particularly where young adults are concerned. Hence, since onlinel casinos are now largely based around mobile technology, the industry has found itself in a hotspot of popularity.

More Options And Market Competition

The market growth is certainly good news for global and online casinos Canada, but what does it mean for the average player? There is, of course, nothing better for a market than competition. More companies ultimately mean more choices for players, but also better value. As new companies fight for their place in the market, special deals and promotional offers mean better deals for players.

As far as Canada in particular is concerned, the market has been leaning towards a few new key casino games and betting friendly sports. Slots, Poker, and Baccarat have been seeing the most players in local online casinos, while NFL and NBA betting have been seeing an increased interest at online sportsbooks.

Looking to the future, it is online betting and online lotteries that are expected to see the most overall growth.

The Global Market

Looking beyond online casinos Canada, there is a clear trend developing in the global market, with the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe set to lead the way.

With the United States slowly rolling out a regulated market, the region is seen as an up and coming mega-market. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have opened the gates in 2018, and since then have already showed incredible promise.

It is the European market, however, that is expected to dominate all others. Impressive innovation combined with supportive governments has seen the region surge ahead, with a market value of around $37.50 billion in 2015.