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Why Online Casinos Canada Are Moving To eSports And NFL

Johnnie Rivera | 19 February 2021

Why Online Casinos Canada Are Moving To eSports And NFLThe local online casino Canada industry is undergoing significant changes, and it seems to all be thanks to the rapid local growth in popularity of eSports and NFL.

Once considered a niche market, eSports is now gradually moving into a position where it drives the local market. This new position of strength has been, in no small part, due to the shrewd, structured approach that has been taken by Riot Games.

The American company is responsible for organising a significant portion of the eSports industry, and has been reliable in ensuring that events occur on a predictable timetable. This in turn has allowed online casinos Canada to confidently create betting markets, which have quickly been getting the attention of local punters.

Expanding Markets

The popularity of these markets has, in turn, attracted the attention of sports betting industry heavyweights such as DraftKings, who are now seeking a place in the Canadian market. Additionally, the growing market is feeding directly into the eSports scene itself, with increasing cash flows allowing players and teams to flourish, and thus create a competitive scene.

As far as viewership is concerned, eSports couldn’t be in a better place. The once niche market is now swelling at an incredible rate, with predications suggesting that 9% compound growth can be expected on an annual basis. This makes the market one of the fastest growing in the betting and online casinos Canada world, with hints that it may quickly start to dominate. It may not be long before eSports is outdoing other more traditional sports, with many suggesting that it will be the case in a few years.

Elsewhere In The Market

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the online casino Canada market, business is likewise booming. Local punters are leaning into popular games online, with Poker and Slots drawing the most players. Though live dealer games are also rapidly growing in popularity, which is a trend that has been seen elsewhere around the world. JackpotCity Casino and LeoVegas seem to be amongst the most popular Canadian sites, drawing in a steady stream of players.

The Canadian online sports betting industry is also enjoying healthy business, with punters seeming to be leaning towards NFL more than ever before. Plus, with sportsbooks offering Free Bets, that allow real money bets to be placed with minimal risk, sports betting is certainly in a good place.

Canadian betting enthusiasts can now access online sportsbooks for eSports and NFL betting, and play casino games, all via mobile-friendly sites that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.