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How Online Gambling Is Evolving

Johnnie Rivera | 19 December 2018

How Online Gambling Is EvolvingAs the world of online gambling continues to expand and evolve, ever more companies enter into what is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace. The question is; what are these companies going to do to stand apart, and attract players? The obvious answer is to provide better games, bonuses and promotions than the competition, and yes this is going to be the approach of many.

But, given that online casino operators are first and foremost technology companies, another option is to adapt faster, and provide better technological options than the competition. This is what is currently happening on a broad scale, resulting in a massive, rapid evolution in online gambling based technological advances. These are some of the evolving trends currently occurring in the online gambling industry.

Virtual Sports

Why be tied to normal sporting schedules and tournament time slots when virtual sports can offer more or less the same experience, but in a far more controlled environment? These are the thoughts behind the growing trend of virtual sports. Still very much in its infancy now, virtual sports are set to have an enormous leap in technology. The focus of which will be, of course, providing the best possible user experience.

The future will see far more sophisticated virtual sports simulations, including a better looking, more convincing experience on all levels. Plus, of course, not only new and more nuanced betting options, but also faster and easier ways for bets to be placed.

Skill Based Games

Given that poker is still one of the most popular table games globally, it should come as not surprise that there is an increasing interest on skill based casino games. Games of these types, beyond what are seen as traditional casino games, are very much still in their early stages. But the interest in them is certainly present, which means that they will surely explode across the online gambling scene, and more specifically the mobile scene.

Roughly 4 million players took part in mobile gaming in 2018, a massive increase from 2.8 million in 2016, which means that mobile is the place to be focusing where unique skill based games are concerned.

Virtual Reality

It is being said that it isn’t a matter of if, but when VR starts to make itself more active in the world of online gambling. The adoption rate is currently still low, but this will increase as the technology becomes more affordable. Multiple operators are already looking to gear towards a VR focus in order to attract a more tech savvy crowd, so it is only a matter of a year or two before the scene truly explodes and we are all donning goggles to play in a virtual world.