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How To Enjoy The Best Mobile Casino Canada Experience

Johnnie Rivera | 30 September 2021

How To Enjoy The Best Mobile Casino Canada Experience We live in an age where most gamblers prefer to play at a mobile casino Canada has to offer. This makes sense, given that there are many advantages to playing on a portable device. It’s the equivalent of having a personal casino tucked away in your pocket, which is a benefit that really speaks for itself.

We decided to take a look at some of the best mobile casino Canada sites in the country, including Jackpot Village, iLucki and Woo Casino. What we found is that each operator provides an excellent experience, with the option to either download a dedicated app or to play directly in your mobile web browser.

All in all, the games worked well on a variety of smartphones and tablets. Though, the superior experience, for a number of reasons, is enjoyed via the casino’s dedicated apps.

Downloading Versus Browser-Based Gaming

Playing at a mobile casino Canada-facing site in your web browser is simple. You simply need to navigate to the desired site in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other preferred browser. After which, all games and functionality should be directly available. Games will load and be playable in your browser, with no download needed. Though there are some drawbacks. Screen size will play a large part in the experience, since not all web browsers will not automatically adjust games to a certain resolution.

A dedicated app, on the other hand, is a far more refined experience. The app can be found via a link at each site, which will automatically navigate to either the Apple iStore or Google Play store. Download times will depend on the device and internet connection but should be relatively quick. The casino and all of its games can then be accessed by tapping the icon that appears on your home screen.

iOS Versus Android

But is playing at mobile casino Canada has to offer better on iOS or Android?

This is a complicated question that could be debated for hours, with there really not being a correct answer.

General consensus seems to be that if a player is accessing a casino via a browser, Android is the better option. It seems that Android browsers are drastically faster - up to 50% according to some research. This means that web based gaming is a far smoother, streamlined experience on Android devices.

When it comes to apps, it seems that iOS comes out on top. Given that Apple ruthlessly controls its app ecosystem, software is generally more refined at the Apple iStore.

Additionally, the Android operating system also covers a far wider range of devices, many of which are different on a fundamental level. iOS, meanwhile, is limited only to specific Apple devices. This means that Android software is more broadly developed, with developers having to encompass an almost endless number of hardware varieties. But the same software developed on Apple devices is done so with only a few systems in mind, generally making it the more polished and precise option.

Regardless, it is difficult to definitively say that one operating system is better than the other; it’s always being a matter of preference.

Whichever way you play, it’s safe to say that if you stick with Jackpot Village, iLucki or Woo Casino, you’ll enjoy the very best mobile casino Canada experience on offer!