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Yggdrasil Unleashes New Ice And Fire Slot

Johnnie Rivera | 26 February 2020

ice and fireYggdrasil Gaming are well known for their quality online slots, and their latest release, Ice and Fire, is no exception. The casino game comes courtesy of a collaboration between the Yggdrasil Gaming program, YG Masters, and partnered developer, Dreamtech Gaming. The entities came together to deliver the ultimate dual-screen creation, and the result is something nothing short of exceptional.

Ice And Fire tells the story of two elemental dragons locked in infinite battle. As the name suggests, one dragon favours fire, and the other ice. The clash between the two incredible forces is a sight to behold, depicted via cutting edge HD graphics and dazzling special effects. Though, it isn’t just the visuals that make Ice and Fire an engaging experience; the slot’s gameplay is also truly innovative.

Cascading Victories

There are a number of features that make Ice and Fire stand apart. The first, and most prominent, is that two 5x5 grids are used, facing off against one another. The left grid is ice, and the right fire. The second stand out feature is the cascading system, which has play symbols fall in from the top of the screen, as opposed to spinning in more traditional slots. The cascading system means that chain wins are possible, making a single wager have the potential for massive payouts.

But now things really get interesting as the casino game has one of the most unusual features seen in an online slot, namely that Wilds are doubled across both grids. If Wilds appear on one grid, they are teleported over to the other instantly, doubling the chances for payouts. It is not feature often seen, and one that makes this a game that truly stands apart.

Special Bonuses

In terms of bonuses, Ice and Fire goes for broke, allowing players to choose a dragon to do fierce battle. If 4 cascading chain wins are achieved on a single spin, free spins are awarded. But, the player can select a dragon before the spins trigger, which will influence their winning potential. As is expected, the dragons do battle in a beautifully animated sequence.

Additionally, bonuses are also awarded for Scatter matches. If 3 or more Scatters are matched, 10 free spins are granted, with the added benefit of a multiplier. Big payouts are all but guaranteed.

Players can now try out this impressive slot for themselves at any Yggdrasil Gaming powered casinos online.