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New Mexico Casino Proposal

Johnnie Rivera | 04 September 2018

Full House ResortsFull House Resorts, the gaming facility developer and operator based in Las Vegas, has put forward proposals to the New Mexico Racing Commission to build a new property. This is in response to the process for the 6th racing license for the state.

The destination resort, La Posada del Llano, would feature an 18-hole golf course alongside a casino, a luxury hotel, a premium RV park, a racetrack, a water park, and 5 miles of recreational riding trails along the eastern New Mexico plains.

Daniel R Lee Weighs In

Daniel R Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, for Full House Resorts, commented that his company saw massive potential in the state to attract visitors from all around the area, including nearby Lubbock, Amarillo, and other parts of west Texas. He went on to say that they were proposing to build a regional destination resort, much more than just a casino and racetrack, and added that there would be many benefits for the community to enjoy. These included job creation, development, larger tax revenues, and bigger purses for horse racing, which would become a huge attraction and amenity for the region.

A Moving Grandstand Feature

Featured in the plans, and setting the proposed racetrack apart, is a moving grandstand feature that will hopefully transform the way in which the over 100 guests experience live horse races. Similarly to a streetcar or tram, the grandstand will travel at the same speed as the horses, circling the mile-long track and providing spectators with a special close-up view of the animals for the race’s entirety.

Lee explained that spectators are only able to view two short moments in a horse race, the first, at the start, and the second, at the finish line. The moving grandstand would change that, and see racegoers part and parcel of every thrilling second of the event. By turning the viewing experience on its head in this way, Lee stated, it is hoped that an entirely new generation of fans will be created.

Something to Be Proud Of

Lee said that their intentions were to design the kind of facility that New Mexico could be proud of, and that a broad range of guests would be attracted to. He added that the company was committed to a project that would not just provide a luxurious experience of the area for its guests, but one that would complement its unique historical character as well.