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Oryx Gaming Launches B2B Gaming Solution

Johnnie Rivera | 23 January 2020

oryx gamingOryx Gaming is one of the top names in B2B gaming solutions, and they’ve just released their latest offering; a data analytics platform. The development subsidiary of Bragg Gaming Group has stated that this new platform will form the basis of their upcoming player engagement platform, which is set to release in the future but the date is yet unknown.

However, the platform will also be able to be easily integrated into third-party systems, meaning other software developers in the online casino industry can use the platform with their own content. Operators can also use the platform as a module that plugs into their existing websites in order to analyse their player base. This ability to integrate into a variety of systems will surely make the platform highly lucrative for Oryx Gaming.

Great Real-Time Data Collection

The data analysis platform has been designed to collect real-time data from an operator’s website about the players that are using it. The system has been specifically created for use with Oryx Hub (their iGaming platform) and Oryx Sportsbook. However, it can also collect data from just about any third-party system for transactions and player management, as well as other content providers, websites and products.

Those using the online casino platform will be able to analyse the history of player behaviour throughout the time that the platform has been deployed. This will allow operators to see what happens to make a player stay on the website, switch to a different game or leave the online casino. The idea is to assist operators with player engagement rates by working out what causes a player to leave the site and what methods can be used to keep them online and playing.

A Top Class Player Engagement Platform

The next evolution of this technology is the player engagement platform that Oryx Gaming as stated is on the cards for release in the near future. By using the data collected from the initial platform, operators can then set up promotions, campaigns and other engagement activities that have been specifically crafted for these purposes. The new platform will offer the ability to manage multi-channel campaigns and event management in real time, which is all to boost player engagement.

When speaking about why they launched the data analysis platform first, Oryx Gaming’s managing director, Matevz Mazij, said that this approach would give them more options in the future. Their products are scalable, making them more appealing to the online casino market.