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Scientific Games to Add AI to OpenSports Platform

Johnnie Rivera | 05 March 2020

scientific gamesiGaming giant Scientific Games has partnered with iGaming AI engine supplier Vaix.ai in a brand-new partnership deal. The goal of the partnership is for Scientific to provide its clients’ customers with customised wagering experiences, including tailored betting options and recommendations.

Scientific Games will be able to deliver its personalised gaming experience through its OpenSports and OpenMarket product suites. These suites have been used by numerous leading casino operators who have sought to enter into the lucrative sports betting sphere themselves.

Using its unique artificial intelligence model, Vaix will supply the OpenSports platform with the cutting-edge technology it needs to give its sports betting offerings a boost. The companies’ partnership will also result in the delivery of sports, team, league, event, and market recommendations to bettors in real time. Individual bettors will receive a personalised experience through SG’s OpenMarket platform as well.

Deep Learning Meets Betting

Through its OpenMarket product, the Vegas-based gaming tech giant supplies its casino operator partners with a one-stop content platform that boasts innovative gaming intelligence, data feeds, and numerous other important tools.

All of this is supplied without the need for complicated or lengthy integration processes and financial agreements. This will save Scientific Games time and money, while also avoiding disruption of its current systems and iGaming platforms.

Vaix’s one of a kind technology – a first for the iGaming industry on an international scale – gives operators a chance to use deep learning AI for their operations and their bettors in the sectors where it counts: acquisition and marketing, responsible gambling, and experience personalisation.

Comments on the New Deal

Commenting on the partnership SVP of Sportsbook at Scientific Games Keith O’Loughlin says that AI is pioneering new technological frontiers. He noted in a statement that his company is thrilled to be partnering with Vaix.ai to incorporate artificial intelligence into its online casino products. He also added that customers want a tailored betting experience, which is exactly what they will receive thanks to the new agreement.

CEO and co-founder of Vaix.ai, Andreas Hartmann, added that bettors at most sportsbooks receive little personalisation aside from an algorithm based on pre-selected user segments, the ‘Favourites’ feature, and targeted banners. He noted that the new partnership will allow Scientific Games to launch a truly personalised experience for bettors, without the added costs of creating a complex deep learning AI development system or disturbing their bustling development roadmaps.