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SG Unveil Cashless Casino Payments

Johnnie Rivera | 29 May 2020

sgAs the world transitions to a new normal, the casino industry is looking to a variety of ways that will enable them to reopen while still keeping their players and employees safe. To this end, Las Vegas based Scientific Games (SG) has announced that they will be rolling-out a range of new gaming solutions that aim to limit contact on the casino floor.

Designed to aid land-based casino operators, SG has responded rapidly to the need for enhanced sanitation protocols by developing solutions that will assist operators to meet necessary health and safety requirements and increase social distancing. As SG looks to reimagine play, its advanced technology is setting a new standard for the global gaming industry.

Contactless Solutions

Scientific Games new contactless technology takes a three-pronged approach through automated sanitisation technology, a social distancing module and cashless contactless payment system via a unified wallet. The technology, which is now available to all of the company’s partners, primarily takes a mobile approach with the unified wallet cashless payments. This technology allows players to access funds in an instant through an app on their mobile phone. This way of paying for slots and table games ensures that there is no need for any payment transactions to take place.

The company has also provided their partners with a way for them to automate game sanitisation. Increasing efficiency and safety, through this technology casino operators can quickly determine with games need sanitising without having to traverse the floor manually to do so. Through SG’s new automatic sanitisation technology, operators will also be able to pre-schedule sanitisation at regular intervals.

The third measure released by SG is the social distancing module which provides operators with some distinct features such as a meeting scheduler and dynamic distancing.

A World Leader In Casino Solutions

As a world-leader in the casino space, the US based Scientific Games is committed to innovation. The brand has been providing quality products, support and services to operators and players for more than 85 years, working with organisations in more than 50 countries. Although the company’s headquarters are located in Las Vegas Nevada, they employ over 9,500 employees worldwide with offices on six continents. 

The brand prides itself on its ability to consistently raise the bar in the casino industry by providing gaming and lottery operators with trusted security technology backed by creative content.