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Understanding Ontario Single Sportsbetting

Johnnie Rivera | 22 September 2021

Understanding Ontario Single SportsbettingIt is a time of great change not just for Ontario, but Canada as a whole. It is official that as of August 27th Canadians are legally allowed to place single event sports bets, thanks to Bill C-218. This is opposed to the parlay system that existed previously, which required that a series of wagers be made. But does this mean that every Canadian may now jump in and start putting down single bets immediately? No, not necessarily; it isn’t as simple as that. Though, Ontario single sportsbetting is indeed already allowed.

Attorney General David Lametti, Federal Justice Minister, made the announcement not long ago. He specifically declared that all provinces and territories may start offering this now type of wagering, which seemed to be putting a full stop on what has been a long process. But what must still be taken into account is that each Canadian province now has to make up its own mind, individually, on how to implement the changes.

Ontario Leads The Charge

It is all but certain that virtually every Canadian territory will, eventually, incorporate the changes into their own local laws. But as far as leading the charge is concerned Ontario single sportsbetting was available on day one. Most locals are already aware of this, due to the aggressive marketing campaign that preceded. But for those that missed it; yes the PROLINE+ app allows bets to be placed on single sporting events, opening up a whole new online casino Canada era.

Not far behind are British Columbia Lottery Corporation and Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, both of which have declared that they will be revealing plans soon. Loto Quebec and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, on the other hand, have made no announcement at all, leading some to believe that they are still busy with a delicate internal negotiation process.

Free Market

As it stands, Ontario single sportsbetting is indeed available, but is currently only still offered via the Alcohol and Gaming Commission Of Ontario (AGCO.) Plans are that a free market be launched, which will likely already be up and running by the end of the year.

Online casino Canada options have always been popular locally, and now with Ontario single sportsbetting available it only stands to reason that a number of companies want a piece of the pie. Licenses are already being processed, which means that it won’t be long before the floodgates officially open.