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Stars Group & Right To Play Boost Alliance

Johnnie Rivera | 20 June 2019

the stars groupGlobal iGaming leader The Stars Group Inc., has announced an extension to their relationship with global charity Right To Play. Their current partnership will be continued for a further 2 years as they try to raise $1.3m, which will be used towards providing education to some of the world’s most vulnerable and poverty-stricken children.

Ensuring Lasting Change

Toronto TSX-listed The Stars Group is delighted to deepen their commitment. The funds they have raised will continue to have such an impact on so many children, worldwide, explained Sue Hammett, who is Head of Corporate Giving at The Stars Group. The extension for a further 2 years is to provide the charity with further funding in an endeavour to ensure lasting change in the affected communities they are trying to help.

They are hoping to raise another $1 million over the coming 2 years.

PokerStars, The Stars Group’s leading brand, first teamed up with Right To Play through its corporate fundraising department Helping Hands, in 2014. The programme has taken off since then, with staff and players getting involved, and more than $1.7 million has been raised to date, and used to help disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Right to Play is an international charitable foundation, based on the principles of education and teacher training in communities. Right To Play uses sports and play to empower and educate children in the poorest places on earth. Every child deserves a chance, to thrive and succeed in life, but war, disease, poverty and poor education threaten to derail their chances. Right to Play aims to give them back that chance, making education fun and accessible, giving them essential life skills, and helping to empower them and protect them from the realities of war, poverty and abuse.

Community Upliftment

Right To Play trains locals and teachers as RTP coaches, enabling them to deliver vital education programmes in their own communities. In this way, 32 000 empowered coaches and teachers can actually impact nearly 2 million children every week, in 15 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We are thrilled, said Nikki Skipper, National director of Right To Play UK after The Stars Group committed to working with them for 2 more years. She went on to say how important play was to them, and how powerful a tool it could be to help children in processing the world they live in. With support from partners such as The Stars Group, they can continue to reach out and impact these children and their lives, and help them to rise above adversity.