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Online Casino Games That Canadians Love Over Blackjack And Why

Johnnie Rivera | 28 April 2021

Online Casino Games That Canadians Love Over Blackjack And WhyCanadian casinos online have become something of a complete form of entertainment. The best real money gaming sites in Canada have numerous games available for players to exercise their strategies and maximise their winnings.

Each and every online casino Canada is different, meaning that the rules and payout percentages vary too. Within the abundance of games available in Canada, there are plenty that Canadians prefer to play over Blackjack.

Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Slot Machines

There are many reasons why players would opt for slot machines over Blackjack. For one, slots are amongst the most widely played online casino Canada games. They offer players a fair chance at a good payout, as well as a variety of exciting bonus features.

These games are also very easy to access and quick to play. They require minimal concentration and no strategy or skill. Players are able to enjoy spinning the reels from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, slots also come in a huge variety of styles and variants, all accompanied by amazing graphics, superb themes and an enhanced user experience. 


Roulette is an extremely popular game at Canadian casinos online, and sites like Jackpot Village feature both RNG and Live Dealer formats. Players can enjoy the game alone or along with others.

While playing Roulette at an online casino Canada, players can stake on either a single number or a group of numbers. The fun comes in when players then need to predict where on the wheel the ball will land. This will increase the tension and thrill of the game a great deal and the unpredictable nature of it makes it all the more exciting!


Baccarat is another hugely popular game as it’s fast, fun and requires no skill. Each hand has three possible outcomes, and a player simply needs to bet on which one they think will win. This game sees either the banker or player win, or it ends in a tie.


Poker is an incredibly popular game, not just at Canadian online casinos, but around the entire world! This game is one that can be played with friends and family. Now that it is available online, players have access to it 24/7 and can join in the fun in freerolls, cash games and tournaments.

Once players understand the basic concept of Poker, it’s easy to play it across various platforms. There’s also an abundance of different versions available, from the ever-popular Texas Hold’em to the less common Hi Lo options.

To make playing your favourite games easy, we’ve rated and reviewed the best online casinos in Canada.