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Yggdrasil Gaming Grows Casino Games Portfolio

Johnnie Rivera | 14 April 2020

yggdrasilWhen leading casino games and tech provider Yggdrasil Gaming first launched its new Franchise IP operations model sometime last year, it could hardly have imagined the gigantic response that would follow industry wide. The brand’s idea was to involve member-developers and suppliers in the sense of their becoming involved in a franchised co-ownership of the Yggdrasil Gaming umbrella-offering as a whole. Needless to say, this has proved more than just bottom line effective in the company’s quest for global expansion.

The latest news to come from the Franchise IP front is that the company has just inked a fresh new deal with Asian market-player Flow Gaming. This allows Yggdrasil to property explore Asian markets to the full extent of the potential. Flow Gaming, in turn, will now gain access to the developer’s entire end-to-end development process and toolset as it takes its own development processes to the next level.

Various Applications Free To Use

In fact, not only will Flow Gaming have access to the best in development support processes and platforms, but it will also be able to make full use of Yggdrasil’s new Game Adaptation Tools and Interface proprietary product. This ensures full integration in a matter of hours for a process that previously took weeks to complete.

Flow Gaming will, in addition to adding its own casino games into the mix, have full access to all of the titles powered by the supplier’s YG Masters partners part of the YG Masters programme. Flow Gaming will allow its new and existing partners to explore Asia and beyond, whilst in turn they will allow them access to a fairly large selection of markets not previously explored by Flow.

Sharing 7 Years Of Success

Flow Gaming is a well-established casino games provider in Asia. This is largely thanks to its commitment to customer care and round-the-clock support services. It offers to operator partners an entire back office support system, complete with reporting tools and functions. Flow will, thanks to the new inclusion in Yggdrasil’s Franchise IP network of partners, be at liberty to offer to its own players all of the award-winning titles developed by the brand over the past 7 years.

Earlier on this month, Yggdrasil inked a similar casino games partnership with QTech Games, ensuring that Malta’s diverse player base are now able to enjoy all of what the developer has to offer.