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Online Gambling and Canadian Laws

Just like land-based casinos, Canada has an assortment of laws that regulate all online gambling. The laws, ideally, benefit all of the parties involved in the casino experience. The laws protect you by ensuring that the games are fair and random and transactions are transparent. They protect casinos that play by the rules by ensuring that only licensed sites can take your bets. Finally, the state benefits by collecting license fees and taxes.

But what makes Canada’s gambling laws more complex than those of individual European states is the variance in laws among the different provinces. Gambling laws are left for each province to decide independently, making it hard to know which laws are applicable at which casinos.

One thing is certain, however. You are on the much safer ground playing at a legal casino. When a casino uses loopholes and workarounds to avoid paying license fees and taxes, you can never be sure that it’s not doing the same with the measures that ensure fairness in online gambling.

What the Law States Regarding Gambling Online

Is online gambling legal in Canada? Yes, there are no laws against placing bets on casino games. The laws, however, vary from province to province, so it’s difficult to make definitive statements about most things related to the casino. Even something like the minimum age for betting on real money depends on which province you are talking about, though most of them place the minimum age at 19.

Since the Internet is not bound by the borders of each Canadian province, and since different provinces have different laws, the safest bet when it comes to legality is to stick to provinces that have gambling agreements between them. But the worst that can happen, in most cases, is that a casino will simply refuse to take your bets. In that case, simply look for a legal casino site in your province and the problem should be solved.

Always Play at Licensed and Regulated Online Casinos

There are many advantages to playing at a licensed Canadian casino as opposed to one that is operating illegally or one located overseas or even off-shore. The first is obviously greater confidence that the casino is fair and that your odds are what they appear to be. That confidence that everything truly is based on luck and not some sinister plot is important when you’re facing a losing streak or when you just miss a big slots payout.

Another advantage is the opportunity to stay local when you play. Using CAD is much better than having to use European currency to play overseas. With foreign casinos come foreign currency exchange fees, which are completely eliminated in gambling laws in Canada.

A third advantage is the quality of service you are likely to receive. The casinos that make a strong effort to adhere to regulations are also going to use the most effective software and offer the best level of customer service. Those casinos that cut corners are far less likely to provide the same level of support.

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At Canadian Online Casinos, all of the games are legal and the betting is regulated under the laws of Canadian provinces. That means that you can focus on the games and not on the safety of your money or the randomness of the slots or card games.

We also take pride in providing our players with the best experience possible. We offer generous bonuses to new players so that they can start their time at the casino with a bang. Every game you play earns you loyalty points which can eventually be redeemed for cash. Those who place substantial bets over a long period – the high rollers – can earn a spot on our VIP list, which brings many advantages.

That commitment to excellence also extends to the selection of games, to monthly promotions, and to various tournaments and competitions that make the games more exciting and more competitive.

But it all begins with compliance to all laws covering online gambling. You are entitled to know that you are engaging in a legal activity, and you should enjoy the benefits that go with fully legal casinos.

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