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About Irish Charms

The Irish Charms slot game by Pragmatic Play is one of the most captivating online slots games to be released. Ever since it hit the web, this green and gold themed game has been feeding lots of souls with purely enriched entertainment. The excitement of coming across a fortune after a thousand years of relentless searching is the kind of charm we are talking about here.

This 3-reel game is not of the most recent gaming technology but it sure is of the latest kind of leprechaun chants. It entails leprechaun hats, clovers, pots of gold and of course the 7s. Imagine getting yourself out of the normal 3D, over-animated slot games and jumping right into a refreshing Irish spell. All you need to stomach enough green for yourself is you.

How to Play Irish Charms

You first have to place a bet before joining the journey to fill the leprechaun’s hat with pure fortune in the Irish Charms slot game. By doing this, you become eligible to win the jackpot. It is also the first step you take when playing the game. To place a bet, you first have to make an online payment and choose how many paylines you want to activate. You can then begin to spin.

On clicking spin, you order the shedload of 7s, clovers, and horseshoes to roll in the flow of your luck. You then sit back and watch as your lucky charm proves its worth in the search for a load of fortune. The amount collected is determined by the combination at the stop of the spin.

Irish Charms Rules & Stats

The number one rule of every surviving treasure-seeker is always keeping the treasure. Not winning simply means your treasure hunt has been cut short, but only for a moment. Another rule is that the Beer Mug pays anywhere. Also, all 7s on the reels are wild.

Special Features in Irish Charms

A big part of this game’s enchantments come from these features. The beer pint symbols award wins for one or two of your symbols on your payline which will earn you two to three credits. This is not what the definition of a fortune is but this is where it all starts.

Three of a kind wins tighten things up more. Beer tankards are worth 10 credits. Leprechaun hats are worth 15 credits, and clovers are worth 25. Getting closer to the fortune means the thrill of winning is now even more than the fear of losing. The horseshoes are worth 50 credits and the pots of gold are worth 200.

About the actual jackpot of the game now, nobody could resist the sight of fortune from that 1000-year-old box hidden in a dark room for all its eternity. A 7s substitutes for other symbols for additional wins on the reels. A row of these symbols is worth 1000 credits, two rows are worth 3000 credits while three rows of 7s are worth 6000 credits.

The most thrilling part of this experience is how simple it could get. Everything you could possibly need at any moment is all there. Everything is on the left of the reels, making it really hard to mess things up trying to switch to sub-menus. The game also has a nostalgic 8-bit vibe that keeps everything from going into the norm of every other slot game.