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Boku Online Casino Deposit Method

If you’re looking for online casino deposit methods that don’t require the use of debit or credit cards, you should definitely consider Boku. This mobile-based payment system has won multiple awards, including the Mobile Trax Mobility Award for 2011, and the 2014 Payment Awards’ Best Alternative Payments title, and is worth serious consideration by all players.

Trusted For Over a Decade

Boku was launched in 2003 as a United Kingdom-based startup called Vidicom Limited. The fledgling company sough funding from venture capitalists, and kick-started its Mobillcash application. Several years later it incorporated Boku Inc. and the online casino deposit options were relaunched under its current branding.

Today the business is based in San Francisco, though it has satisfied users in Canada and around the world. Forbes even selected them to go on the magazine’s list of the 25 most promising companies in America, in both 2011 and 2013!

How the System Works

The now-outdated Premium Short Message Service, or PSMS, technology is used in a very innovative way. When PSMS was developed, its main function was to allow users to send text messages to buy ringtones. Over time, the technology evolved to allow app stores and websites to sell online games, music and other digital content.

By combining the ease and convenience of PSMS with money transfers, Boku allows players to fund their accounts with a single tap to their touchscreens. This is definitely one of the most modern online casino deposit options available right now. As long as your mobile network operator works with this payment provider, you’ll be able to use it.

The payments that you make are billed to your network operator. If there are funds available to you, you’ll be able to use them. These online casino deposit methods are also known as “carrier billing systems” since the fee is sent to your mobile carrier account. The one disadvantage to this method is that, because of the way it is structured, you can’t use it to make withdrawals. When you want to cash out, you’ll need to use another banking option.

How to Use Boku

The first thing you need to do is make your way to the cashier interface, and select this option from the list of online casino deposit methods. Then you’ll need to enter the amount that you want to transfer, and your mobile number.

A verification SMS will be sent to your phone, and you need to confirm the transaction with a reply. Your casino deposits and other purchases are deducted automatically from your prepaid network funds, and you’re ready to play for real money in just a few moments. In some ways this system is similar to a prepaid voucher system, but is even more convenient.

Excellent Security Features

Boku is considered one of the safest online casino deposit options, because you never need to share any personal or banking details with a third party. In fact, you don’t even need a bank account if you purchase your airtime with cash and then use those funds to make deposits. The two-step verification process adds another layer of security to the payment process.

Top Casinos

If you’d like to use this method of prepaid credit payments to fund your gaming, you can start right now. Though not as widespread as VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill or Paysafecard, Boku is still one of the most common online casino deposit methods seen in Canada. You’ll be able to use it at many of the country’s best gambling sites, including these recommendations: