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Interac Online Casino Payment Method In Canada

What do players who are looking for a reliable online casino payment method in Canada do when credit cards, web wallets, and prepaid cards just won’t cut it? One recommended option is to choose a payment gateway such as Interac.

An e-transfer service supported by more than 200 banks and other institutions, it has numerous benefits to offer you, especially if you enjoy real money gaming on a regular basis. Interac is secure, easy to use, and you should have no trouble at all using it on an Android, iOS, or another mobile device. The online payment method also has a fine pedigree, and definitely is worthy of consideration if you are serious about playing your favourite games for real money without any hassles when making deposits or withdrawals.

A Trusted Canadian Brand

Having been established way back in 1984, the company responsible for Interac is a trusted brand in Canada. The name will be familiar to many players, because the company is involved in more than just online payment methods.

It also is involved in the debit cards issued by most banks. That its services and technology are trusted by the country’s major financial institutions is one of the best indicators that you can trust it, too.

Top-Notch Safety and Security

Interac is one of the most secure online casino payment methods in Canada. In fact, it exists precisely to help make online banking even more secure.

Much like the recommended casinos that accept it, the e-transfer service is encrypted. The latest 128-bit SSL encryption software prevents third parties from accessing your personal data, including your banking details. Another layer of safety is that the service means none of the data that ordinarily is shared when a regular bank transfer is made is sent to the site.

How to Use the Service

Some casino online payment methods in Canada, such as web wallets and prepaid cards, require you to set up a separate account or purchase a card or voucher, which you then need to top up. Interac does nothing of the sort. Instead, it makes it safe and easy for you to access your online banking profile and transact, or to request that a deposit be made to your account.

If you want to use this casino payment method to make a deposit at a recommended site that accepts it, you will need to log into your account, and then visit the banking page. Once you have selected the deposit option, you will need to select Interac from the list of methods. The site will then give you the instructions you need to make the deposit. You can then log into your online banking profile, select the Interac e-transfer option, and enter the recipient name or email address supplied by the gambling site, the amount of money to be deposited, and the security question and answer. You can then select the send button, which will notify the site that a deposit has been made and must be processed.

To use this online casino payment method in Canada for a withdrawal, you will need to log into your gaming account and visit the banking page. You then need to select the withdrawal option, and then select Interac as the method. After entering the amount of money to be withdrawn and confirming your request, you will receive a notification email, in which you will be asked a security question. The withdrawal will be processed as soon as you answer the question.

Top 5 Casinos

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