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So you Want to Win Big with Progressives

So you have been playing online slots for some time and you have reached a point where you are winning fairly decent amounts but something is just missing from your gameplay, and now you sit and wonder what would the next step up be to win a larger, more appealing amount?

Well, look no further than progressive slots.

What is a Progressive Slots Game

Progressive slots games offer a much larger payout than standard online slots games do. This is because there is always a larger pool of money that is up for grabs to win when you play progressive slots, owing to the fact that a small percentage of all of your wagers gets put towards a pool of winnings, which is also contributed to by all the other players that are gambling at the progressive slots.

This progressive jackpot is somewhat tricky to win because, as a number of players playing the progressive slots games increases, your odds of winning the progressive jackpot decrease. To put it simply, you become a smaller fish in a larger pool of players who all want to win the grand prize.

This does not mean that it is impossible, it just means that when you eventually get the chance to maybe win the progressive jackpot it will be that much larger and that much more worth it!

There are three types of progressive slots games:

Progressive slots still have bonus features

The bonus features of progressive slots games are similar to video slots games and include the following:

Depending on which progressive slot you are playing, some other features that you may encounter include:

In other words, there are many features to online slots games that will keep you coming back for more, and progressive slots games are no exception to this.

Progressive Jackpots and Real Money

If you think about how progressive slots work – each player contributes to the jackpot with their wages – it would make sense then that there is no free play available for progressive jackpots and that you can only play for real money, it would be pointless to play for free because then there would be no jackpot money to be won.

This means that whenever you play progressive slots, it must be at a reputable, safe and secure, licensed online casino that is regulated by one of the well-known gaming authorities. It is very easy to be sucked into the trap of a big jackpot to be won but if it is not a licensed online casino, then you could lose your money that you have been contributing towards this jackpot.

Play Progressive Slot Games

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